This is a project that seeks self sustainability in order to translate and dub different sources of information, whether videos, texts, books, articles... to INSPIRE people to SEARCH, OBSERVE and FEEL their reality from a different view. Looking to offer NEW PERSPECTIVES that promote KNOWLEDGE OF ONESELF and INNER DISCOVERY.

We found a great need to TRANSLATE, INTERPRET and DUB CONSCIOUS AND VALUABLE INFORMATION that is not shared between cultures of different languages ​​because of the lack of access to the understanding of the original language it was created in.

Therefore, we have proposed this beautiful and immense task of CONNECTING CONSCIOUSNESS and DISMANTLING LIMITATIONS of communication and interaction of ideas, feelings and passions to assist in this process of EXPANSION and LIBERATION of CONSCIOUSNESS.

So if the information provided has touched you, resonated and inspired you towards your OWN PERSONAL GROWTH, we humbly ask you to COLLABORATE with us so as to be able TO REACH AND TOUCH MORE HEARTS TOWARDS A NEW HUMANITY.

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lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014



We are honored to present to the world a series of videos which Freedom Translations is collaborating with, and which will help enormously to expand and shift the consciousness of the globe. This is the first of many more videos to come on the application of awarded physicist Jean Pierre Garnier´s Law of the Doubling of time to the Being. Alejandra Casado, from Argentina, has developed a methodology from the Universal law of physics which allows us to reconnect with our original self so we can self-reference our journey back to where we belong: the Original Essence.

This is the first of a series of 8 videos, which were made available online from 21st June (first video) to 1st December 2013 (last video of the series), originally in Spanish and from Argentina.

Given the impact this information has had, we will be making available the entire series subtitled into English, ensuring a very careful and precise translation given the originality of the ideas expressed in them.

domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Bioemotional Decoding

We present to you all our latest video: Bioemotional Decoding

Our spirit always is trying to comunicate with us, our body and our emotions are some of the best ways it has to send us messages. We have to learn how to pay attention, we have to learn the codes behind each message, we have to learn how to listen to our inner wisdom through our body and emotions. This video presents a proven method based on the discoveries of Dr. Hamer, the study of our genealogical heritage (transgenerational) and different techniques to access the codes stored in our unconscious...

If you are interested in learning about this field you are welcome to watch this video:

Link to the video

Introducing Bioemotional Decoding

We will be uploading more videos about clinical cases and experience. We invite you to SUBSCRIBE to our channel by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE button to automatically receive the following videos.

Thank you universe and to all our ancestors for this miracle of science, spirit and the recognition of what our ancestral Andean indigenous people taught us and which re-emerges through this marvelous field.

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